A Year in Review- Dirigo Games 2014

2014 was a hell of a year, marking the first commercial release of a Dirigo Game, but also more defeats and dead-ends then I feel comfortable admitting.  Here’s the roundup:


Depths of Fear:: Knossos



The big one.  Originally scheduled to release October 2013, DOFK eventually made it to Steam by April 2014.   Much of the months after were committed to bug patching and updates for controllers, Steam and Mac versions.  In retrospect, I think it a solid first step, and a good enough concept to have begun working (slowly) on both a spin-off short, and a full fledged sequel for 2015.


LUDUM DARE 30, Mansion on the Hill


An entry into the 48 hour game competition, MOTH did fairly well.  I began making games mostly due to the Sierra Adventures I loved in the 80′s.  Somewhere along the line, these item/puzzle games hit a low of popularity, and I abandoned the idea of developing one.  With the success of Telltale Games multiple series, adventure seems to be back for a while.  Hopefully 2015 will see MOTH meta-morph into something a little larger.

DESTRUCTODON: Veracious of the Cretaceous 


On the other side of that coin, Destructodon is pure action.  Still in alpha, Destructo generates a random world and you destroy it as a Trex.  Don’t know where it’s going.


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